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Active Shooters, Mental Health, Fitness, and Running Water Never Goes Stale

Posted on October 12, 2017 at 12:10 AM

WSF Members,


Due to a continued uptick in deadly shootings, we are going to add some "Active Shooter Training" into our 2 hour classes in addition to the "stick-defense" and "empty handed knife defense" that we've already begun working on. To be perfectly frank, we don't like the term "Active Shooter," and prefer to say "Deadly Attacker," simply because attacks happen in all forms--not just with firearms. Knives still edge out guns to be the #1 murder weapon, statistically. We must prepare for all forms of attack. We're seeing a lot of combination attacks now--such as cars slamming into crowds of people followed by the drivers/passengers jumping out and shooting or stabbing people.


As I continue to explain in class, training is useless unless it is continual. Under stress, you will be unable to perform anything unless it's simple and you've practiced it thousands of times until it becomes unconscious (which is why we do our stick and empty hand defense drills religiously as part of our fitness routine). There is no such thing as a one-time self-defense seminar that is effective. Thus, self-defense training should be as normal as buckling your safety belt (I remember the days when so many people refused to take THAT simple precaution). Anyone who does fitness training has the time to do self-defense training with us because our self-defense training IS fitness training--and it has already proven to be a much better mind, body, and spirit fitness regimen than so many others out there--so there are no excuses.


Unfortunately, attacks are going to continue to happen--and they will happen more often. Break-ins, robberies, shootings, stabbings, and other dangerous events WILL become more common. Many social, economic, and political factors add up to this inevitable direction that the world is heading. But good people have the power to triumph over darkness and we will. It just takes a little courage, the will to prepare, the will to act, and the will to survive to continue fighting for a better world.


It seems that these days, people want to sit to do everything. Sit to be fit! But humans are designed for motion--and that lack of motion is a factor that's leading to many larger societal problems--particularly in physical, spiritual, and mental health. So get off that office chair, couch, yoga mat, or whatever excuse is holding you back from motion, cardiovascular fitness, and practical self-defense preparedness. Come train and encourage others to do so! Remember this--running water never goes stale ;-)

Here's a little gift for all of you. I hope you like it:

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Kindest Regards,



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