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"Surviving A Deadly Attack" brief presentation

Posted on October 12, 2017 at 12:55 AM

​WSF Members,

In regards to my last message about "Active Shooter" training, here is a link to a "mini-course" presentation published by Special Tactics, LLC. Special Tactics' wealth of knowledge and training comes from the same source of special operations veterans and counter-terrorism experts as ours does.

This brief, but useful presentation is only 99 cents. It also has no copy protection and Special Tactics encourages readers to pass it around to their communities, schools, offices and places of worship.. Here's a description and the link to the download page:

"Potential terrorist targets such as schools, airports, offices and places of worship are often poorly prepared to deal with a deadly attack perpetrated by terrorists or violent criminals. To help combat this threat, Special Tactics is releasing its first “Mini-Course,” a 20-slide presentation entitled Surviving a Deadly Attack in an Enclosed Environment. The presentation comes with a printable “Quick Reference Card” to help people review and internalize the essential points of the presentation. Presentation topics include..."

Definition of Deadly Attackers

Types of Attackers

Emergency Actions While Under Attack

Make Your Escape - Preferred Option

Barricade Yourself – If Escape is not Possible

Be Prepared to Fight

Make Contact with First Responders

Survival Essentials

Proper Mindset

Situational Awareness

Survival Skill Proficiency

Physical Fitness

*NOTE: If asked for a password, just click "Read Only" to access the file.

Kindest Regards,



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