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Home Defense, Firearms Tactics, Emergency Survival

Beginning in September 2022, we will begin offering in-person classes on home defense, firearms handling, surviving deadly attacker (active shooter/mass shooting) situations, emergency survival/evacuation, and also  protective security (bodyguarding) topics.  If you are interested in training in any of these topics, please send an email to [email protected]

tactical training

Home Defense Tactics Training

Learn the best practices in protecting your home and protecting your family.  Learn from a former Army Green Beret--a specialist in training everyday civilians in the use of firearms, tactics, and how to protect their homes (small apartment sized homes to large compounds)--from even the most dangerous of invaders.  

Survival Rope

Emergency Survival Training

Learn how to prepare for emergency situations such as fires and floods.  How do you escape from the upper floors of a burning building, survive a flood, or evacuate when there's a mass shooting or a riot taking place?  We'll  prepare you for any scenario, beginning with the most common ones.


Protective Security Training

Due to economic and social risk factors in our country, dangers such as deadly gun attacks, knife attacks, kidnappings, and carjackings will likely become increasingly common.  Gain the skills, knowledge, and ability to protect yourself and others--your children, perhaps?--while on the move out in public and at home.  Learn from former protective security instructors who have taught professional protective security agents at U.S. federal government agencies and large private security companies.


We're not business people looking to get rich.  We are former soldiers and public servants.  We're here to serve the community.  Therefore, we are doing everything we can to keep the cost of training as low as possible so any citizen in our country can afford the training.  However, our instructors don't do this stuff part time--we are constantly training and updating/improving our services for the sake of you and your safety.  The threat environment is constantly evolving, and so are we.  If you want to support us with donations, please contact us directly at   [email protected]  

Our Group Classes @ Our Location


Per Hour/ Per Person

Private Classes @ Your Location (3 person Minimum)


Per Hour/ Per Person